Frequently Asked Questions

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How much weight can my pannier handle? All of our panniers can safely carry up to 20 pounds. The Georgetown and D2R pannier sets have bottom attachments so they can hold a bit more — be sure to check the listed capacity on the product page.


Are there specific racks that you recommend for your panniers? The clips on our commuting panniers are spaced so that they work with the majority of racks with standard-diameter (up to 12mm) tubing.
But since there are as many racks out there as there are bags, and we wouldn’t want you to end up with an incompatible setup, here are a few we like:


For the D2R Pannier Sets and Georgetown, both of which use three top attachment points and a bottom hook, open side rails and a horizontal bottom rail are your best bet.


What’s up with the two-point attachment system? Shouldn’t there be a hook underneath? All of our commuter panniers attach with two top-mounting clips, whereas the industry standard for touring panniers is two top mounts and a bottom hook. Those hooks, while stabilizing, are notorious for being uncomfortable against the body and for catching on clothes — not the best for our mission of being equally awesome off the bike, so we chose to forgo them. Instead we moved our top mounts down toward the center of the bags. This lowers the panniers’ center of gravity, eliminating the “swinging door” effect you would otherwise get without the bottom hook. The results are impressively smooth and stable!


One thing to note, however, is the bags do sit a few inches higher on your rack, which can make it tricky to strap certain items on top. (Bungeeing a pizza on top of the Hill pannier, for instance, is a little awkward but totally doable.) For purposes of commuting, the higher bags rarely pose any inconvenience — with some trunk bags they work perfectly fine, and if you only ride with a pannier or two, you likely won’t even notice.


Which brings us to...


One pannier? Won’t that make my bike tip over or handle weirdly? Not with the amount of things one would typically pack for commuting. If you really load up a single pannier to its limit, though, you may notice that your bike handles differently. If that’s the case, be sure to let yourself get used to it a bit by riding more slowly, being particularly cautious while turning. It won’t take long for you to get a feel for it! Honestly, we forget they’re even on our bikes most of the time.


I'm having an issue with the screws on my pannier clips. Do I need new ones? If the screws have come loose — it's rare, but does happen on occasion with repeated use — follow these instructions for tightening them.


Handlebar Bags


How much weight can my handlebar bag handle? All handlebar bags supported by our mounting gear can carry up to 12 pounds. The older models (made with the GO Handlebar Mount) carry 5 pounds.


I have a headlight mounted on my handlebars. Is there a way I can fit both a handlebar bag and the light? This comes up a lot with any big, touring-style handlebar bag (in our case, the D2R and Sodo). If you plan on doing a lot of night riding, we recommend getting an accessory holder that clamps onto your handlebars, like this one by Minoura.


Mounting Gear


I’m struggling with my mounting gear. Do you have more detailed instructions? Take a gander at this video tutorial for our handlebar bag mounting kit.


Do you still have extra hardware for some of the older Detours bags? We most likely do. If the part you need isn't on the accessories page, contact us and we'll send one to you if we have it.




Are your bags waterproof? Each of the bags in our Repel Series features a strategically placed waterproof element, like a TPU-coated top flap, and the Georgetown Dry Pannier is fully seam-sealed. For the most part, though, our bags are water-resistant, which means they do a fine job standing up to normal rain. We find full waterproofing cost-prohibitive and unnecessary, and prefer to use high-density fabrics treated with water-repellent coatings. Several of our panniers and handlebar bags even come with rain covers, which offer considerable peace of mind when heading into a late-spring deluge!


Bag Care


What's the best way to wash my bag? We recommend spot cleaning with some cold water and mild soap. And always air dry! If you have questions about cleaning a specific bag, give us a shout.


Have a question we still haven't answered? We’re glad to help you out! Shoot us an email at, or call us at 877.489.5208. For warranty and return policy questions, please see our customer service page.